Become a Cougar Distributor

The market for high-performance lubricants is always growing. Almost every industrial organisation is a potential customer, from transportation to water treatment plants, from food manufacturers to aerospace suppliers.

Every day, industry demands more and more from its machines. When business is good working shifts are extended. In time of recession, machines are expected to last longer. If a machine breaks down the production line may have to stop; even a planned maintenance shut-down is rarely popular with the Production Manager.

So industry looks to its lubricants to keep the show on the road, to keep everything running with minimum disruption to normal operation. Cougar lubricants do this. Time and again, Cougar users have shown that all types of equipment work longer and more reliably than when they use conventional lubricants.

This means that there is a large and increasing market, especially for products that are supported by a responsive, professional service.

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